Plus Minus Zero Reflect Heater

The fine looking Plus Minus Zero Reflect Heater consumes low power

Plus Minus Zero Reflect Heater

You have paid for your high-end bed, designer side tables and avant garde wall hangings. And, yet your ‘olde’ heater is sticking out of your costly bedroom decor like a sore thumb? Well, as far as the Japanese are concerned, you wouldn’t need to invest a lot of greenbacks for a new stylish looking heater, as the $165 Plus Minus Zero Reflect Heater conveniently fulfills this role. Almost looking like a bantam microwave oven, this contraption fuses practicality with spatial efficiency.

This practical side of affairs dictate that the heater should exhibit an optimized degree of usability. In this regard, the contraption has a ninety-degree left-to-right swivel, and a twenty-six-degree up and down swivel, both of which can be controlled by our hands. This allows us to regulate and focus the heat to preferred areas of our rooms. Furthermore, the low electricity consuming device (touted to give you 800W’s worth of heat for just 400W’s worth of electricity) is available in three variant colors of gray, brown or beige, which does come in handy when matched up with your variable home decor.

Via: JapanTrendShop

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