Cotton Clock by Carlo & Benedetta Tamborini for Diamantini & Domeniconi

Gomitolo Knit Clock provides a style statement to any room

Cotton Clock by Carlo & Benedetta Tamborini for Diamantini & Domeniconi
Many of us like to decorate the walls of our home with embroidered wall hangings and other sort of wall decors that involve fabric as the main material. The cotton clock can also be one of such wall decors that not only serves as a traditional wall clock but also enhances the beauty of the room by giving an individual knit character to it. Dubbed as the Gornitolo knit clock, the wall clock features a cotton facade that reminds of cozy traditional knit wears. Designed by Italy-based Carlo and Benedetta Tamborini for Italian company Diamantini & Domeniconi, the cotton clock creates an unusual but gorgeous effect on the walls of any room.

These circular knit clocks are available in two sizes and in a range of colors including, white, beige, green , red, black and a lot more. The materials used to make the entire clock are cotton, wood and polyurethane. They function exactly like other conventional wall clocks but unlike the other clocks you may like to cuddle up with these. The cotton cover or the sweater of the clock can be easily removed and washed like other cotton clothes. The crotcheted clock offers a unique way of bringing texture to the style statement of any room.

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    July 22, 2021 at 2:14 pm

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