Manet Armchair

Manet Armchair Lends Playful Character to Room’s Decor

All that an avid reader requires is a good book to read and a comfortable place to sit in. What if a little plaything is added to the chair that he/she sits on? The reading would undoubtedly become more of a fun activity. This is one unique playful chair that not only provides a comfortable and relaxing place to sit on but also can be utilized to store books. Dubbed as Manet, the chair is a clever design of the creative mind Marta Szymkowiak, an industrial designer based in Milan, Italy.

Although at first sight, the Manet armchair may look unusual and uncomfortable because of the long protruding foam fingers that it has used instead of the normal upholstery. But, once you sit, it is more than comfortable and you would rather love to relax on such a thing again and again. When you sit upon the long, and soft elements or fingers of foam spread under your body weight takes shape and matches with your body contour.

Thus you can relax in an optimal position. Moreover, these moving polyurethane fingers provide the perfect openings for storing books, magazine or your electronic gear while you relax in the armchair.

Manet can serve as a perfect reading space and is also ideal for a short nap. The Manet brings a fun element along and adds a modern touch to any kind of décor.

Via: Trendhunter

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