marine-light table lamp

The Marine Light is reminiscent of algae under water

marine-light table lamp

Christened as Marine Light lamp, this is a new project designed by the renowned Tel Aviv-based designer Nir Meiri. As the name suggests, this is a beautiful lighting fixture in the form of a table lamp reminiscent of marine life by seaweeds incorporated in the lamp shade. The inspiration for creating this one-of-a-kind lamp is undoubtedly the sea, which is clearly seen in form of seaweeds used as the main material it its creation.

Although, many designers across the globe have been using this sustainable marine material to create different sorts of things, this is the very first time that a designer has used this eco-friendly staple to create a lighting object. The designer carefully created the frame of the lamp by thin metal wires, on top of a metal base. The structure is preserved by processing it with a mixture of plastics. After this he scattered fresh sea weeds on the frame, which shrunk around the frame, taking its shape on getting dry.

On finally lighting the lamp, a captivating image of algae underwater is formed by the shiny film created from the seaweed. The ‘Marine light lamp’ charms the viewer not only by its enticing light but also by the sustainable material used for the project. The designer would be introducing his ‘Marine Light’ project at the Milan Design Week 2013 at Spazio Rossana Orlandi.

marine-light table lamp

marine light 2

marine light 5

marine light

Via: Yatzer

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