Kabino Sideboard by Simon Legald

The minimalist Kabino sideboard comes with practical features

Kabino Sideboard by Simon Legald

Traditionally, sideboards have always been more visually extravagant so as to exhibit their status as the central furniture of your dining room or living room. However, Denmark-based designer Simon Legald has taken a more modernistic route with the minimalist ‘Kabino Sideboard’. Comprising of gray-white facades (also available in just gray composition) with a simplistic ash frame, the ‘soft’ features of the elegant Kabino are quite evident. This visual lightness is further accentuated by the perforated holes on one of the two sliding doors covering the sideboard’s front section.

This unobtrusive aesthetics of the Kabino sideboard makes it a credible addition to any part of your home decor, including living rooms, drawing rooms and even bedrooms. Furthermore, there is a certain degree of practicality involved in the whole minimal scope. For example, the sideboard can also be used as a television cabinet, with the aforementioned perforated holes allowing the connection with the TV’s cable box kept inside the storage system.

Via: Leibal

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