The O2 by OxygenTech turns tap water into super-oxygenated water

Drinking oxygenated water is the best way to pump up the lack of oxygen in our bloodstream. Our blood begins to lack oxygen because of heavy drinking, smoking and lack of exercise. But oxygenated water makers developed over time in the US and Europe has helped people fight the problem. Now a technology firm by the name of OxygenTech in Korea has developed The O2 – an oxygenated water maker, which like a normal filter, converts normal tap water into oxygenated water in split seconds. Oxygenated water, for who don’t know, is simple water with high concentration of oxygen dissolved in it.

Eastern countries haven’t been very educated about the need of oxygenated water, therefore, The O2 is actually a welcome device. The O2 provides a drinker about 120ppm (or 120 milligrams per liter) of oxygen dissolved in a glass of tap water. The European Journal of Medical Research has marked the minimum concentration of oxygen dissolved in the water to be about 100ppm, so the oxygenated water from The O2 is highly oxygenated, even compared to the packaged drinking water where the oxygen is lost immediately on opening the bottle.

One cup of oxygenated water from the The O2, as company sources confirm, increases body oxygen saturation by 2%, which in layman’s language a person can attain only after a year of exercise without liquor and cigarettes.

Via: WhoWired

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