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Pool House by Randall Mars Architects

The ‘seamless’ Pool House by Randall Mars Architects

Pool House by Randall Mars Architects

What better way to beat out the summer woes than a classy, contemporary styled pool house, right? Well, Randall Mars Architects have concocted one such specimen that does tickle our architectural senses. Located in the DC Metro area, the pool house stands apart from the other suburban houses of the area by its sheer classy bearing. Comprising of an elegant masonry wall facade (draped in subtle gray) on three sides, the entrance to the structure is marked by a retractable glass garage door. This door serves two purposes – firstly, as the unobtrusive access point to the pool house, and secondly as the transparent visual connection between the user and the shimmering pool.

Pool House by Randall Mars Architects

In fact, the close proximity of the two spaces i.e., the house and the pool, creates a dynamic essence of the circulation pattern. In this regard, the users can utilize the flexible area for various ‘backyard’ social functions including spas, outdoor/indoor barbecuing and of course pool parties. More importantly, the pool house emerges from the residential setting in a ‘seamless’ manner, thus presenting a structural balance with the surrounding landscape. This psychologically creates a comfort zone for both the users and guests alike, and provides them with a familiar yet playful ambiance.

Pool House by Randall Mars Architects

Pool House by Randall Mars Architects

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