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Western themed Gainesville Estate

The Western themed Gainesville Estate priced at $17.5M

Western themed Gainesville Estate

A grandiosely conceived country estate spread across a lush area of 446 acres – this in a nutshell is the $17.5 million Gainesville Estate situated in Georgia, United States. Nestled amidst a Tolkien-esque setting of rolling pastures and natural waterfalls, the magnificently ‘rustic’ house offers breathtaking views of the nearby (accessible) river and the verdant landscape. The structure itself is a fine piece of architecture with exquisite building materials and remarkable design details. One of these materials entails 100 year-old reclaimed wood used for interior support elements like extended beams. These are complemented by elegant segments and fixtures like wide planked floors, mahogany moldings and Baccarat chandeliers.

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The exclusive scope is however not just limited to the high-end aesthetics of the 5-bedroom Gainesville country house. The paradisiacal estate also comprises of a few amenities including a billiard room, a full fledged movie theater, caretaker rooms, library, guest houses and a private lake. However, the ‘piece de resistance’ would obviously be the state-of-the-art 40,000 sq ft of climate controlled garage (see video below). Furthermore, the estate features a slew of Western-themed zones like a saloon, carriage house, barns, pastures, river dock and even an authentic mill. These ‘exotic’ zonal attributes do play a part in accentuating upon the sylvan yet posh essence of the Gainesville Estate.

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