windup chair

Windup Chair Recharges Your Smartphone While You Relax

Do you remember the wind-up toys that your dad brought when you were a kid? You used to smile every time the toy moved after it was wound-up, a scientific mechanism that involves rotating a spring in the whole process. On winding up the toy, the energy from winding is transferred into potential energy of the storage device that is usually a spring or rubber band due to which the toy can move.

Now, a Taiwan based company, PEGA is making use of the same scientific mechanism to charge your Smartphone. It has created a wooden chair with a huge crank that has to be manually wound to generate energy which charges the phone as you sit on it.

Dubbed as the Wind Up Chair, it is one from the ‘Now and New’ collection of the PEGA design. All you need to do is wind up the big crank incorporated at the backrest of the wooden chair and plug in your phone. As the giant flywheel unwinds, your smartphone charges without a hitch.

The Taiwanese company got the opportunity to unveil the Windup Chair along with other products of the now and new collection at Salone Del Mobile 2013 in Milan where each object of the collection clearly shows how technology plays a comeback in our everyday objects.

The chair can also be called a sustainable Smartphone charger since instead of electricity, a little human effort is required to charge up your Smartphone.

windup chair

windup chair

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