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This Solar-Powered Tiny Cabin in Australia’s Yarra Valley Vineyards is Accepting Guests

Whether you like Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot noir or fancy a typical ‘shoey’ celebration, there is no better country than Australia to get it all in one place. Oz is very amicable and hospitable to its guests and attracts millions of tourists every year. Travel company Shacky provides vacation rentals for travelers in the country’s most scenic, discreet, and exclusive locations. The Wine Region is one such off-grid tiny cabin that is located in one of Australia’s most pristine wine countries.

The Wine Region cabin is a weekend retreat located next to the famous Yarra Valley vineyards, from where it derives its name. The cabin is situated on a 1500-acre cattle farm and is primarily made of wood and metal sheet cladding.

You can enter the cabin via a big glazing door which allows ample sunlight in. The huge windows offer a serene view of the moors facilitating an immersive and uninterrupted connection with nature.

The cabin boasts a minimalist interior layout with a sofa and a kitchenette equipped with a two-burner stove, fridge, and storage right as you enter the structure. Fitted with a queen-size bed at one end, the cabin has an in-wall toilet and a shower on the other.

It features a deck area with stools and benches to sit and relax while enjoying the untainted beauty of its surroundings. There is also an outdoor firepit to keep you warm as you admire the starry nights.

The cabin is capable of being used off-the-grid courtesy of the solar panel array on the roof that takes care of the electricity needs. It is a great escape for those who want to revitalize their body and mind before heading back to their daily routine.

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Moreover, dogs are allowed on the property – other pets are not permitted at the moment –  so you can take your furry friends along. You can also explore the famous Yarra Valley vineyards, national parks and go on hikes in the surrounding woodlands. You can rent this cabin on Shacky at $199 on weekdays and $249 on weekends.

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