Plaster-cast tiles

Plaster-Cast Tiles with Intricate Details of Flowers and Veggies

UK-based artist Rachel Dein has found a unique way to immortalize your favorite flowers, plants or any other things you like to see on your wall. She makes plaster casts of plants and flowers, which beautifully showcase their texture, pattern, and delicacy.

The process starts with arranging and pressing Flowers and foliage onto wet clay. A wooden frame is then placed on the clay and plaster is poured in and allowed to set. As she lifts up clay mold, it looks like if real plants are enfolded the plaster casting.  

Rachel Said;

She enjoys the magic of plaster casting and how it can immortalize memories forever.

Hand-finished to achieve the final look, each tile has a hole in the back for hanging. Some of the plaster casted tiles are painted with watercolors to highlight natural colors. Available in shades like white, green and blue, the plaster-cast tiles tell a story of an ephemeral moment.

She will be showcasing her plaster artworks at Chelsea Flower Show in May, while her first exhibition will be held at Hampton Court in July. These plaster-cast tiles are available for purchase on Etsy, pricing starting from $75.

# Clematis and lilac
Plaster-cast tiles
# Cyclamens (painted)
Plaster-cast tiles
# Daisies from Hampstead Heath (painted)
Plaster-cast tiles
# Carrot
Plaster-cast tiles
# Late Summer in Blue and White
Plaster-cast tiles
# Peas in Duck Egg Blue Wedgwood
Plaster-cast tiles
Reddish (painted)
Salvia,Heather and Lavender (painted)
plaster-cast tiles
Via: Colossal

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