Gummy Bear Chair

This air-filled lounge chair looks like a gigantic gummy bear

Online retail store Vat19 is offering a candied design interpretation to comfy lounge chair that seems like a huge gummy bear. It is an inflatable piece of furniture that’s perfect for children or grownups who are still young at heart. Drawing candy’s positive imagery as a source of design inspiration, the tasty-looking chair would be a fun addition into any playroom.

It’s created to provide utmost comfort to the user, while he/she enjoys playing a video game or eats delicious candies in the lap of an adorable bear. Made from PVC plastic, the translucent chair design allows faint light to pass across its structure, thus gives unique appeal to both the furniture and the room where it’s kept. It measures 38 x 28 x 40-inches, so the chair is ideal to be positioned at any corner or central section of a room.

The portable gummy bear-shaped is easy to be relocated, when deflated. For inflation, a foot pump is included with the cartoon-like chair. This means you can even carry this air-filled chair with you to outdoor locations as well, and enjoy a relaxing seat by filing in air via pump.

Teddy bear lovers are surely going to be fantasized by this lovely piece of furniture. So, add immense cuteness to the interior of your room with this delightful translucent chair. Available in eye-catching red color, the cute Gummy Bear Chair can be yours for $40.

Gummy Bear Chair

Portable chair can be inflated or deflated as per your requirement

Gummy Bear Chair

Translucent bear-shaped chair

Via: LaughingSquid

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