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The Urban Nomad Home Kit by Barbara Peynot

This all-weather coat turns into a makeshift home at night

You may have seen various homeless people spending restless nights in their uncomfortable contraptions. There are several charities and organizations that work hard to provide clothing as well as shelter to homeless, but permanent housing is not suitable to their nomadic lifestyle.

However, The Urban Nomad Home Kit by Barbara Peynot, a graduate student of Royal College of Arts (RCA), could be a better solution for on-the-go homeless people. The unusual home kit comes in shape of a protective, all-weather coat that can be turned into a makeshift shelter at night.

On opening the coat, you can see complete home-like interior along with window and wallpaper, providing you homey environment when you’ve to snooze. The home kit also comes with a suitcase, a backpack and a scarf; all these serve as furnishings within this one-the-go shelter.

The backpack doubles as a folding stool, the suitcase acts as closet or coffee table, scarf converts into inflatable mattress, and its interlining transforms into a carpet. So in the day you can go out wearing this trendy coat along with a stylish scarf and suitcase.

When you feel tired or sleepy, just take it off and convert into a comfy shelter at night. Peynot has brilliantly combined clothing with architectural design, offering two-in-one solution for homeless as well as nomads, who often have to move place to place due to work. Now nomads can literally take their home to anywhere they go.

The Urban Nomad Home Kit by Barbara Peynot

A coat turns into a comfy makeshift shelter at night

The Urban Nomad Home Kit by Barbara Peynot

Take off the coat to convert it into a tiny home

The Urban Nomad Home Kit by Barbara Peynot

The home kit comes with a suitcase, a backpack and a scarf

Source: RCA

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