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Roy Melton's pine wood birdhouse

This birdhouse is made using reclaimed material from 157-year-old log house

Remember the house your dad or your granddad grew up in? How much fun we as kids used to have while running all around it while playing hide and seek. Time passes but childhood memories remain etched our mind. Work takes us someplace else in pursuit of better lifestyle and opportunities. Memories of the house where we once lived and played as kids still remain as one of the most beautiful visuals from our childhood. How we long to get back to that home and relive our childhood and innocence!

Trying to relive his childhood, Roy Melton started giving shape to his old memories by building an architectural birdhouse from reclaimed material sourced from his 157-year-old ancestral home. Having worked as a roofer for quite some years in Bulls Gap, Roy is using his expertise to build small birdhouses from reclaimed material. Roy found his penchant in woodworking when he started building birdhouses from remains of the home his father owned and lived throughout his life. Way to pay tribute to your parent!

The birdhouse is 2.3 feet wide, 3 feet long and 22 inches tall. The birdhouse is insulted to keep it cool in summers. Its shingles are hand-split and crafted using red cedar, and chimney is made of crushed brick from the same house. Roy says, “The birdhouse is a replica of the house in which my dad grew up.”

Bird lovers will love his striking creation that looks similar to his old log house. He has built 10 replicas of this amazing birdhouse to be given away to his family and friends. Roy has pegged the price of this amazing birdhouse at US $650.

Providing shelter to build a nest and care for the family of your feathered friends has an out of the world feeling.  If you are a keen bird watcher, and love listening to birds’ chirps while getting up early in the morning, then you should seriously consider placing this birdhouse in your backyard. Along with providing enough room for building a nest to your feathered friends, this decorative birdhouse can be a great addition to your garden.

The idea of keeping your loved one’s belongings and reliving your childhood with a replica of the home you have grown up looks something amazing and Roy made his dream come true. Getting a hand-crafted birdhouse from material that is taken from a home your parents or grandparents lived in is like carrying the legacy and having your loved ones with you all the time.

Roy Melton's pine wood birdhouse when in a building stage

Roy Melton’s pine wood birdhouse when in a building stage

Roy's pine wood bird shed

Roy took 60 hours to complete the bird shed

Birdhouse is a replica of 1860's old log

Birdhouse is a replica of 1860’s old log house in which Roy’s father grew up

Birdhouse by a woodcrafter Roy Melton

Shingles are hand-split crafted using red cedar and chimney is made of crushed brick

House in which Roy's dad grew up

House in which Roy’s dad grew up

Roy house was torn down to rebuilt

The house was torn down to rebuilt

birdhouse is made up using reclaimed material of 157-years- old log home

The birdhouse is made up using reclaimed material of 157-years- old log home


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