This Bulletproof Couchbunker Comforts as Well as Protects You

For billionaires out there, who always live in the fear of sudden attack, or just like to collect different guns, this sofa is a must buy. Dubbed as the Couchbunker, it looks like a regular sofa but with quite unusual features. This custom built sofa consist of a fire rated gun safe hidden inside along with bulletproof cushions with carrying straps that can act as a shield to keep you safe from bullet-shower. This couch has been designed and produced by Charles Alan, the owner of Charles Alan Inc. in Fort Worth, Texas.

This standard size sofa has a 78-inch long safe hiding under the cushions, which is almost equivalent to ½ of a queen size bed. This has a room for up to 40 rifles. It weighs around 650 pounds and is further lined with a two-hour fire wall.  Bullet resistant cushions are optional and can stop a .44 Magnum at point blank range. The sofa is available in a wide variety of style and materials ranging from fabric to leather covering. You can order to make a Couchbunker in your own specific style and material at the Charles Alan Inc.

Heracles Research Corporation based in Spokane, Washington, is one of many distributors of the Couchbunker sofa.  Along with securing your guns in a safe place, this couch acts as a nice and comfortable place for your guests to sit. It can also be turned into a comfortable guest bed while cleverly disguising a vault underneath the cushions. Price ranging from $6,000 to $7,000,  this bulletproof furniture can take your personal security to one level up.

Check out the video below for more:

Via: Gizmodo

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