This Dining Table is Carved From 4000-Year-Old Redwood Burl

Square Cut Burl table by Stacklab

A contemporary dining table not only enhances your modern dining spaces but also makes the dining time fun, exciting and stylish. If you too are in search of a modern dining table, then you can consider the Square Cut Burl table from Stacklab – a full service, multidisciplinary design studio in Toronto. The studio has made use of an ancient redwood burl in this table, along with a clear, cast resin casing to fill the natural voids of the burl after it is cut.

The redwood burl used to make this contemporary furniture piece has seen a lot of history as it is about 2500-4000 year old and certified through the Forest Stewardship Council. The burl is square cut and then treated with cast resin, which fills the big and small gaps in the redwood burl and also gives it a smooth glossy finish. The table top is then paired with 5/8″ Band Ribbon legs that can be either in antique pewter or brass giving the table a unique and classy look.

The Square Cut Burl that is shown in the images measures 1/2 inches thick, 36 inches wide and 103 inches long. However, the table can also be made to order at the Stacklab studio in custom sizes and leg finishes. The table can be purchased through Maison Gerard in New York, The Una Malan Gallery in LA and HewnX in San Fransisco.

Via: Soshallwork

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