This fluffy Japanese robot dog faints to respond to stinky foot odors

This fluffy Japanese robot dog faints in response to stinky feet

Gone are the days when robots weren’t used for household tasks. These days various companies are developing home robots that can ease human tasks by doing some of their work. From grocery carrying robot and pet-monitoring robots to various types of robotic vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers out there in the market, you may find hundreds of home robots that are designed to do different kind of human jobs.

A Japanese venture startup Next Technology is also working on a mini robot dog with odor determination capabilities. Dubbed as Hana-chan, this robot dog will be helpful to determine smell levels of human feet. Measuring just 20-centimeters long, it appears to be a truly functional and adorable home robot.

This fluffy feet-smelling robot dog behaves according to the odor detected by the sensor integrated into its nose. It starts snuggling if the smell is weak, shakes its tail if the smell is medium, and faints if the odor is really strong. The most important question is how it will be useful at homes. For sure, all those who prefer walking barefoot inside the home (just like Japanese do) can utilize this robot dog to keep stinky foot smells away from the home interiors. As it also has built-in aroma sprayer, you can use it as a room freshener.

That doesn’t mean it’s useful only for Asians, as everybody in the world does hate nose-burning foot odors, except some guys with super powers or a stuffy nose. Next Technology has plans to sell the Hana-chan robot dog early next year, with a price tag of more than ¥100,000 (US$9,280).

Image: Curazy

Image: Curazy

Image: Curazy

Image: Next Technology

Image: Curazy

Image: Curazy

Image: Next Technology

Image: Next Technology

Via: JapanTimes

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