This interactive bench lights up with your tender touch

Louis Lim collaborated with 3form to make this amazing interactive bench, Mobius. The circular bench is made with new material from 3form called Dark Chroma.

Lim’s idea behind designing this bench is to arouse joy in people to interact with each other. Mobius is connected with series of motion sensors that are sensitive to touch, location, and pressure. So if somebody sits or taps on it, the bench glows up in different colors.

Lim is traditionally a woodworker, and has been working as a designer and maker for studio ai architects. 3form invited Lim for five weeks at their headquarters in Salt Lake City. During this time, Lim got the opportunity to experiment with Dark Chroma and also try 3form’s fabrication capabilities.

Lim’s experiment and hard-work ended up in the form of Mobius. Mobius rests in black color and lights up in shades of pink and blue when you touch it. The bench was recently displayed at Wanted Design in New York City.

Regarding 3form’s Dark chroma and Mobius, Louis Lim said,

Black is the absence of light, it is space and void, yet Dark Chroma expresses color, light and form. I find this paradox beautiful, mysterious and magical–making it perfect for Mobius. 

Mobius’ different and attractive design

Mobius changing its color from dark to light

An interactive bench by Louis Lim and 3form

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