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KDDI Internet of Things

This IoT umbrella stand by KDDI tells you how’s weather outside

To mark its presence in the domestic sector, KDDI has fabricated household interior utilities using IoT (Internet of Things). The first two items created under the IoT theme are umbrella stand and trash can.

The trash can and umbrella stand are embedded with Beacon provided by Aplix IP Holdings that are capable of communicating with the residents via smartphone and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) called Bluetooth Smart. The company has also created a dedicated mobile application that helps the items to communicate with the residents at home.

When the umbrella stand comes closer to a Bluetooth connected device, the colored LED ring embedded at bottom glows up and shows variant colors explaining the weather for the day. Orange color indicates a sunny day, while white stands for a cloudy and blue color for a rainy day. The app provides a detailed weather report to the owner.

The second product in the series is the Trash that connects to the official garbage collection data of your region, guiding you through garbage management process. FYI, there are specific days for collection of different types of garbage for easy segregation of household waste. Designed and fashioned by renowned Japanese designer Jin Kuramoto, the smart household items poised to revolutionise the Japanese household market are being produced by Fox.Inc. and will be available for purchase at au WALLET Market by end of this October.

Internet of Things is a big leap in household industry which is currently changing the smart home landscape, and KDDI’s inclination towards converting the most neglected household items into a brainy appliance is a great effort towards making day-to-day items more user-friendly.

KDDI Internet of Things

KDDI’s Trash & Umbrella Stand are designed to communicate with your smartphone

KDDI Internet of Things

Umbrella stand conveys everyday weather with the help of LED lights embedded at its bottom

KDDI Internet of Things

Umbrella stand and Trash are designed by Jin Kuramoto and produced by Fox.Inc.

Umbrella Stand by KDDI

Smart umbrella stand talks to your smartphone

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