This low-impact Treepod treehouse pod is built around a single tree

This low-impact treehouse pod is built around a tree trunk

There may be hundreds of dreamy treehouse pods built throughout the world, but this one designed by Estonia-based architecture and design firm Tempt OÜ is just exceptional, as it is built around a single tree. It seems a great idea to build up pod-like livable structure around a tree trunk to minimize the overall impact. Dubbed as Treepod, this suspended accommodation was presented at EcoBuild held in London, March 2014.

Its shingled exterior helps the structure to blend with the surroundings while large V-shaped windows offer mesmerizing views of the surrounding area. Accessed through a ladder, the Treepod treehouse spans just over six-square-meter floor area, and can accommodate up to three adults.

There is a possibility to use a little wood-burning stove for heating and cooking purposes. Each unit comes with fold-out wall panels that retract to serve as terrace or an opening for communication between other treehouse pods connected through suspension bridges. There are a plenty of storage spaces to keep your belongings and a 360-degree shelf to keep your books.

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A single straight pine or spruce tree is the best suitable option to put up this unique treehouse; however other tree varieties can also be customized for the build. You can even erect a wooden column as an artificial tree. There are unlimited possibilities with the Treepod treehouse – it can be a great vacation cabin or a private pod to take benefits of nature.

If you wish to learn more, contact the designer who is selling it for €9000-15000 (US$10728-17879) depending on the chosen customizations for your treehouse pod.

This low-impact Treepod treehouse pod is built around a single tree

Image: Tempt

This low-impact Treepod treehouse pod is built around a single tree

Image: Tempt

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