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Ryan Nelwan Homemade Touchscreen Mirror

This man’s DIY touchscreen mirror allows users to order Uber

Smart mirrors are not new to the world, but this one is one-of-a-kind as it can even call a taxi for the user. Ryan Nelwan, an engineer at San Francisco-based app design studio Swipe Labs, is the man behind this homemade touchscreen mirror that runs on a built-in software.

The mirror displays a home screens with different widgets in the corner. Although the mirror is always on, but it can be put on rest mode where no information will be displayed. Speaking of information, the mirror shows information about current weather, date and time. There is even a music player option on the bottom left corner, in case the user wants to start their day with little music.

On clicking the center button on bottom, all apps will pop up so that you can check social sites or even order Uber while getting dressed for work. Just like your smartphone, this DIY touchscreen mirror makes all your routines task easier. In case you have Nest thermostat at your home, then this smart mirror can help you control home heating as well.

Newlan has uploaded a YouTube video on 20 APril 2016, showing off this incredible work that began trending on Reddit. If you look at the video below, you’ll find out that the mirror is installed with various important apps such as Apple AirDrop, Apple Photo Library, Reddit and Dropbox. Moreover, Nelwan is going to constantly update the mirror to meet changing trends. If you’re interested to know more about his project you can follow him on Twitter.

Via: M2

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