Mobile Work Units by LOS OSOS

This mobile office shows what future workplaces will look like

In the ever-fluctuating world’s economic scenario, it is very convenient to assume that days of traditional working spaces are numbered. Mobile Work Units are becoming popular these days, which means that the innovative office designs are too gaining popularity. 

The latest entrant into the space is the Mobile Work Unit, or MWU, created for Coroflot which is well known for creating opportunities for designers around the world. This time around for this project they have approached LOS OSOS, a Portland-based studio for such a mobile office design.

They have come up with Mobile Work Unit which is a trailer with an office integrated into it. The design is completely modulated, and the entire office can be hitched to a vehicle and driven away to any other location. It is constructed using custom milled and kiln-dried Douglas fir wood, which came from the local areas.

Wood work and the translucent walls adds a sense of warmth, comfort and openness to this mobile working space. Powder coated steel frame is painted in vibrant orange shade that matches the website’s colorful branding.

What makes this small space surprisingly roomy, is it’s modular furniture system that can be arranged in an endless number of ways. Tables can be turned into shelves, benches into desks, workspaces and kitchenettes which can pop up or disappear in no time at all with the help of brackets, holes and hooks placed along the frame.

Furthermore, it can be dismantled and re-purposed, resulting in an office space that is dynamic, responsive and takes this concept to the next level. Mobile Work Unit (MWU) has given an imagination, as to what more can be achieved when it comes to the concept of mobile offices. 

Picture courtesy: Josh Partee Via: Dexigener

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