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3D wall plant mounts by Luisa+Liliana Parrado help turn walls into garden

You thought mundane walls of your home were the last place for a hanging garden. Think again. With modular wall mounts for planters, such as Garden Module by designer duo of Luisa+ Liliana Parrado  it has become easy to make this possible.

Module Garden design by twin sisters Luisa and Liliana Parrado, won the bronze prize in the European Product Design Award 2017.

Garden Modules born with the idea of green walls with minimum hassle are designed in geometrical shape. The geometrical plant wall mounts can be easily attached to one another (in various shapes) to form one three-dimensional panel.

The irregular shapes of the Garden Module allow for flexible combination according to taste, purpose and requirement.

The structure of Module Garden, is made of steel tubes that are not welded, but connected with each other with polypropylene string. This makes the structure bendable and is advantageous for packaging and storage.

Two triangular bases per module support the plant pots, and there are no screw required for joining the pieces. The triangular module helps you create a beautiful green wall without much difficulty.

The 3D wall plant mount is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The most attractive part of this design is, it decorate your lifeless wall so beautifully with minimal effort.

If you think of adding a green life to your walls, take home the Garden Module for 260 Brazilian Real (approximately $80).


Module Garden mounts

3D structures of Module Garden

Concrete tile for plant pot support

Module Garden design by Luisa+ Liliana Parrado

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