White Strips Triple Inchophone

This three-inch turntable can fit into the hands of rabid hipsters

It’s very rare to find vinyl records these days, but Japanese company 8-Ball Bandai has brought the vintage-styled players back in the market with three-inch turntable, Triple Inchophone. Yes, you read that right. Unlike an usual huge record player, this vinyl spinner is tiny enough to fit into the hands of any rabid hipster.

A dedicated vinyl geek Jack White from White Strips has used some old vinyl material to create limited numbers of these tiny turntables. Plus, limited number three-inch singles are also created for these record players. To be precises, only 400 of these tiny record players and nearly 1,000 singles are available for purchase on Ebay for £999 (approx. US $1,469).

It will be one of the rarest and coolest items in any music aficionado’s collection. But don’t go on it’s compact size, this palm-sized vinyl player is able to provide better sound quality and play various tracks to rock your house party. Don’t believe us? Well, just check out the video below and catch DJ Nu-Mark handling three-inch time-coded records.

White Strips Triple Inchophone

Three-inch vinyl record player

White Strips Triple Inchophone

Limited edition record players and three-inch singles are available

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