Tidal House

Tidal House: Solar-powered home that responds to environmental changes

San Francisco-based Terry & Terry Architecture has created a concept house that responds to environmental changes and recommends a structure that flows with the tides. Dubbed Tidal House, the solar-powered house is based on technology used in mobile offshore drilling and exploratory platforms.

Easy to relocate, the floating house with independently operable retracted legs working on rack and pinion gear system can easily anchor itself anywhere during floods. It stays balanced and positioned to the surface of the water.

Supporting an aerodynamic spherical roof that can easily endure strong winds offers ample surface area for integrated photo-voltaics to generate enough electricity. Designed to connect with other platforms, the tidal house community is built around a floating dock that beautifully weaves the floating house to form an entire community  along the coastline.

Currently in conceptual stage, the tidal house not only embraces environmental changes, but also talks about the rapid population growth and calamities like tidal rises that will become a serious concern in the coming future.

Tidal House

Solar-powered floating house by Terry and Terry Architecture

Tidal House

The floating house is deigned to embraces environmental changes

Tidal House

The floating house with independently retractable legs can easily anchor itself anywhere

Tidal House

The density of each community will vary, as each structure will relocate in response to its unique environmental conditions

Tidal House

Supporting an aerodynamic spherical roof, it can easily endure strong winds

Tidal House

Tidal House community is built around a floating dock that weaves the structures together

Via: Inhabitat

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