Timber Table by Julian Kyhl

Timber Table – An ultimate modular table arranged by wooden planks

Timber Table by Julian Kyhl

An ideal modular scope dictates – the conversion of elementary components into a usable item; which can be achieved by majority of users by application of easy processes and guidelines. The above pictured ‘Timber Table’ by designer Julian Kyhl (and funded by Ideacious) seems to follow all these ‘parameters’ to emerge as the ultimate modular furniture system. Initially, comprising of just 10 pieces of FSC certified maple or oak (some with recesses and some with square-cuts), the final dining table can be assembled by arranging these components, without requiring screws or glue. And, of course, when the dining table has served its purpose, one can dismantle the whole modular structure back into these wooden planks, thus saving a lot of circulation space for your cramped apartment.

Timber Table by Julian Kyhl

So, at the end of the day, the entire ambit caters to urban spatial efficiency. In this regard, it aptly showcases the important role of furniture items in much bigger avenues like interior designing and architecture.

Timber Table by Julian Kyhl

Timber Table by Julian Kyhl

For those who are interested in the working scope of the Timber Table, please do check out the video below.

Via: ShoeBoxDwelling

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