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Tiny Mobile Home

Tiny: 175-square-foot mobile home with an elevator for dog

Cape Breton-based couple Judy Pratt and Nicky Duenkel wanted to give their hectic work life a break, hence created a 175-square-foot mobile home that gives them a chance to relive their life. The couple by selling everything they once owned has built themselves a tiny mobile home named Tiny, which comes with some unique features.

Prioritizing their relationship over work and big houses, the two women decided to improve their relationship in a new and better way. Now working on part time basis and with very less bills to pay, the couple spends quality time with each other while giving them the sense of financial freedom.

Considered a travelling trailer, the mobile home features a fully functional kitchen, living room, bathroom, guest room and a master bedroom. To accommodate and pamper their beloved corgi Shanti, who suffers from chronic back pain, because of which he cannot climb stairs, the couple created an innovative elevator inside the house to lift him up to the master bedroom perched on one corner of the trailer.

Designed and fashioned by expert Matthew Wilcox of Howling Dog Construction, who helped them in creating this brilliant doggie elevator, the house in real sense offers something to every family member. Termed as their dream home, the couple really believes their house is a proof that good things really do come in small packages.

To understand more on tiny living and tiny houses, read Judy and Nicky’s blog here.

Tiny Mobile Home

Tiny stairs leading to master bedroom and fully-functional kitchen

Tiny Mobile Home

Cabinets for storage with guest room on top

Tiny Mobile Home

Elevator for Shanti to reach master bedroom

Via: Design Taxi /Images: CBC News

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