Petillante tiny house by Baluchon

Natural Light Filled Petillante Tiny House Balances Rustic and Chic Elements

Tiny houses in France are much smaller, due to the strict towing laws in the country, compared to the ones in North America. Despite their compact and lightweight size, the French tiny house makers leave no stones unturned to make the homes comfortable and praiseworthy; and leading the charge is the tiny house builder Baluchon.

The tiny house builder has been creating customized tiny houses for people in France since 2015. It’s rather very easy to spot a Baluchon creation, considering they have a set pattern in making tiny homes. Most of their tiny houses feature two-toned rustic cladding of red cedar and aluminum and their latest creation Petillante is no exception.

Petillante (which translates to ‘sparkling’ in English) was made for a client named Sarah who wanted her mobile home to be filled with natural light. Thanks to VMC double-flow Lunos and air extractor, the home gets plenty of ventilation and natural light.

The towable dwelling measures six meters (20ft) in length and features a kitchen, a bedroom, and a washroom. One enters the house through the kitchen which includes all the necessary household appliances including a four-burner stove and a fridge.

There are plenty of cupboards and cabinets offering adequate storage space in the kitchen. Petillante tiny house is also a wood burner stove, which adds a decorative value to the room and keeps the dwellers warm during the winters.

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Abutting to the wood burner lies floating shelves that can be used to display pictures, books, or items of home décor. Beneath the shelves, there is a lounge area with a coffee table and a small stool for the owner to relax and enjoy some hot coffee.

For a good night’s sleep, Petillante tiny house has a mezzanine that is accessible via a removable ladder. The mezzanine has a double bed and a large storage compartment. The tiny house also features a bathroom with hinged glass doors, a shower, and a dry toilet.

Baluchon Sparkling House

Image: Baluchon

Petillante tiny house by Baluchon Interior_2

Image: Baluchon

Petillante tiny house by Baluchon_1

Image: Baluchon

Petillante tiny house by Baluchon Interior_1

Image: Baluchon

Petillante tiny house by Baluchon_2

Image: Baluchon

Petillante tiny house by Baluchon Kitchen

Image: Baluchon

Petillante tiny house by Baluchon Woodburner

Image: Baluchon

Petillante tiny house by Baluchon_3

Image: Baluchon

Petillante tiny house Bedroom by Baluchon

Image: Baluchon

Petillante tiny house Bathroom by Baluchon

Image: Baluchon

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