Tivoli Audio’s Art line features wireless speakers

While talking of music, wireless speakers are best accessories for listening your favorite tunes at home. There are a number of wireless audio system bands in market such as Bang & Olufsen or the renowned Sonos. Recently, Tivoli launched its Art line as latest entry in the niche market. The Art line features two wireless speakers and a Wi-Fi dongle that boasts their high-end design blended with technology to serve as functional décor piece at homes.

Cube by Tivoli Audio

Cube is combo of high quality sound with minimal design to work as a compact and stylish wireless speaker.  Made from Gabriel fabrics and wood veneers, this cubical speaker looks great in any type of interiors with its imposing design. Stream your favorite songs over Bluetooth/Wi-Fi or add additional speakers in different rooms for multi room, stereo or Hi-Fi output using companion app. Simply connect it over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to your smartphone and enjoy your favorite collection of beats including Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, and QQ. A hidden touch capacitive logo is on its top serves as quick play/pause button. Volume, source and other configuration slots are incorporated at its back to keep the design simple.

A rechargeable battery can also be purchased for continuously playing this musical cube during your outdoor adventure trip. Cube is available in three colors walnut/grey, white/grey and blach ash/black for $199.99.

Sleek and compact speaker

Sleek and compact speaker for playing music wirelessly at homes

All controls at its back

All controls at its back

Sleek and compact speaker

Touch logo at top for play/pause

Orb by Tivoli Audio

High quality Gabriel fabric crafted with round wood frame comes out as a stylish wireless speaker that looks like an object of art, whether you place it on table or hang it on a wall. From touch logo to connectivity, it is all like Cube but only the shape is different that could offer better output. This attractive speaker can be bought for $249.99 at Tivoli Audio.

  • Free Tivoli Audio Wireless App to control speaker(s) over wireless network
  • Stream CD quality music from Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, QQ, or your own personal library
  • Simultaneously play multiple songs to various speakers
  • Send your Bluetooth wireless stream to other speakers via wireless network
  • Capacitive touch for Play/Pause control
  • Join/Drop button to cycle your speaker through the music playing elsewhere in home
  • Quick connect Party Mode button quickly spread music in all speakers at your home
  • Volume controls, source and other connections built smartly in round frame
  • 3 inch long throw full-range driver
  • Easily connect each speaker to your home network using SAC technology
A roundish speaker for stylishly playing your favorite tunes

A roundish speaker for stylishly playing your favorite tunes

Place it on table or hang it on a wall

Place it on table or hang it on a wall

Connection and other slots are incorporated smartly

Connection and other slots are incorporated smartly to stay out of front sight

ConX by Tivoli Audio

It is another part of Art line that works like a Wi-Fi module that can wirelessly stream songs on old speakers using Art audio speakers. Moreover, you can connect your old speakers using 3.5mm audio cable to work as its part. There are buttons at its front for power, connections and other configurations. It is a great device to turn alive your dumped speakers again, as it makes old products discoverable on Tivoli audio wireless app. You can buy it for $59.99 at their official website.

A Wi-Fi dobgle for playing songs wirelessly or with cable on other speakers

A Wi-Fi dobgle for playing songs wirelessly or with cable on other speakers

The art collection of Tivoli Audio including the ConX is great to bring fashionable wireless speakers home this Christmas. As per the design of both speakers, they are great for playing songs wirelessly at homes. For your bedroom Cube can be a compelling centerpiece whilst a high quality speaker for listening relaxing music at night. On the other hand, Orb looks great in all type of interiors with its homely design.

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