Green Toaster by Gmarket

Toast away all germs on your smartphone with Green Toaster

Everyday you do so much to keep yourself clean from washing hands with best handwash to consume food at some tidy restaurant. Now, just look at your smartphone that has made your life easier as it does most of your smart work. Do you think it’s clean and germ-free?

The answer is a big ‘No.’ This is because on an average you touch your smartphone 150 times a day and nearly 7,000 kinds of germs are found on it, which is 10 times more than that on a toilet seat. After finding out this bitter fact you must be concerned about your health, as you always keep your smartphone close to you even when you go to sleep.

What could be the possible solution to keep it hygienic without using harsh chemicals on a smartphone screen? Well, to keep germs at bay Korean online shopping and auction site Gmarket has teamed up with British product design company Kinneir Dufort to create the latest Green Toaster for keeping your smartphones sterilized, no matter how much germs they carry each day.

To use this simple sterilization device, all you need to do is load the toaster with your phone, activate Gmarket’s app, and press down on a lever. After 3.5 minutes, your smartphone will pop up like a bread toast, but with all-clean body without any germs on it. Green Toaster comes with a built-in UV lamp that sterilizes all bacteria and germs present on your smartphone. Within just 3-5 minutes, UV light will completely get rid of all bacteria and provide you a cleaner and safer smartphone for use.

Currently, the project is running on Kickstarter to raise a target amount of about £400,000 (approx. $619,236). But only two backers pledged for the Green Toaster, and only 65 hours are left for the campaign to get over. May be people are not realizing the importance of sterilized mobile phone screens. However, we liked this concept and would have loved to see it live but we’re not sure whether this project will come commercially or not.

For now, you may check out the video given below to find out more about this amazing smartphone sterilization device. To make this film, the makers set up the toaster in a coffee bar so that people could sterilize the phone as they waited for their coffee.

Green Toaster by Gmarket

Load the toaster with your phone, activate Gmarket’s app and press down on a lever to sterilize your phone within 5 minutes

Green Toaster by Gmarket

The toaster in a cafe gets your phone sterilized while you wait for your coffee

Green Toaster by Gmarket

Graphical presentation of how the toaster works

Via: Beliying

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