Tonino Lamborghini’s Roma TCS coffee machine comes with power saving mode

Drawing inspiration from the preceding experience in engineering and luxurious designs, Tonino Lamborghini has announced Roma TCS flagship coffee machine characterized by cutting edge technology, design and unique functionality. Designed with Sanremo, the Roma TCS (Temperature Stability Control) is an espresso extractor of the finest quality we’ve seen in a period. Comprising a separate boiler for each group head, the coffee maker allows each group head to be specifically tailored to work independently – which means each group is programmed at a very specific and stable temperature to get the best and the most consistent cup of coffee.

Featuring a built-in volumetric pump, power saving standby mode and independent boilers for each group, the Roma TCS coffee machine also comes with a large boiler to steam milk without affecting the quality of the coffee extraction. For beverages requiring hot water, the Roma TCS utilizes fresh water directly from the main water supply.

Via: LamborghiniCaffe

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