TooaPicnic by TootheZoo is a cross between picnic table and sofa

Designed by Dutch company TootheZoo, TooaPicnic is furniture series that’s designed to look like a cross between a picnic table and a sofa. Each variant consists of a cushioned backrest, two seats, and a table. The sleek and contemporary design of the sofa is capable of satisfying a variety of needs, from taking a break to get your work done.

The Dutch designers Jules Vreeswijk and JoostWaltjen have built the TooaPicnic benches for public spaces such as offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants, waiting areas, airport lounges and other Activity Based Work (ABW) environments.

The innovative furniture piece can be expanded with various accessories, including an integrated power supply for laptops and mobile phones. Furthermore, an extra large table top can also be fitted onto the bench to add another sofa, making it a four-person unit. You easily add a 160 cm long table top on the small tables to create an ideal place for short meetings.

Recently, the table-cum-sofa has been the runner-up at ArchiExpo’s i-Novo Awards at Orgatec 2016. If you want this multipurpose furniture at your office or any other commercial space, you may make a price request on ArchiExpo website.


TooaPicnic by TootheZoo


It consists of two seats and one small table

It can be used for taking break in offices or to get the work done

It can be used for taking break in offices or to get the work done


Multipurpose furniture unit


The bench is perfect for public spaces like offices, restaurants, waiting areas, etc.

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