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Mercedes-Benz Engine Coffee Table with Built-In LED Lighting

Constructed in an Art Deco style, this coffee table will look perfect in your living room, game’s room, bedroom or even in your home office. The base of this table is made from the engine of Mercedes-Benz S-type 1983 280SE. To clean away the oil or the smell of the engine, every part is first quartz sand cleaned and then nicely painted to give a high quality finish.

Top Gear engine coffee table

The table top is made of an oval shaped glass eliminating the sharp edges that can hurt you while walking past by it. It measures 60 cm wideX110cm longX1 cm thick and the tough glass is protected with a facet frame. It sticks to the metal engine on the 4 valves that are set on 4 crankshaft holders, through a  professional metal-glass transparent glue that hardens when exposed to ultraviolet rays and so making the glass impossible to pull off the base.

Top Gear engine coffee table

The most exciting feature of this amazing table is the strip of white LED and two red LED strips, one on each collector that glows with a 12 volt power supply. When plugged in, the white strip gives  cool lighting effect whereas the red light displays a fire effect. It also includes a mirror that reflects the gorgeous illumination. The engine while living as an engine of the Mercedes Benz traveled through many places, saw different places and also grasped the attention of the owners. However, now rests as a beautiful furniture piece, accentuating the décor of the room it is placed in.

Top Gear engine coffee table

Top Gear engine coffee table Top Gear engine coffee table Top Gear engine coffee table

Top Gear engine coffee table

Top Gear engine coffee table

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