Touchscreen shower doors at Marriot function like a digital canvas

Touchscreen Shower Doors at Marriot double as digital canvas

It’s not weird that we get our best ideas in the shower, but more often than not they slip out of our mind as one doesn’t have anything to save them. Marriot Hotels, quite a big name in the hospitality industry has come up with an innovative concept to help guests digitally record their moments of inspiration that arouse during the shower. They have developed touchscreen shower doors that allow guests to draw or write hints about the recent thought, and send it to their email for future use.

As soon as one starts taking shower, the steam spreads around and creates a temporary canvas on the door, which can be used to write or draw whatever comes to mind. Whether it is the name of a song, unforgotten memory, or inspiration for some new design – guests can easily save their valuable thoughts. These touch-sensitive doors can send fresh idea to the guest’s email, from where it can be shared to anyone.

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Literally, they work like waterproof notepads that can be used in showers. The unique guest experience will be available for two months in selected rooms at the newly redesigned Marriott Hotels Irvine, California.

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