FRACTAL by Andrea Kac

Transformable Fractal floor seat adjusts to all body positions and heights

FRACTAL by Andrea Kac

FRACTAL is a contemporary furniture collection which is specifically designed to be used at the floor level. Inspired by origami, Fractal Floor Seat tends to create flexible surface that adapts to our body and evolves with our activities through the presence of creases and folds. Created by Uruguayan product designer Andrea Kac, this square shape seat does not come with any extra support or reinforcement. However, it can provide the required support to your resting body with its amazing technology. FRACTAL can be used as a pouf, a seat, a chaise long and can be assembled to create various room configurations.

FRACTAL by Andrea Kac is designed for small homes where seating space is always a problem. Basically starting as a square shape seat, it unfolds to reveal a back rest that can be adjusted to all positions and body heights. It can further be transformed to various shapes depending on needs of the user. Made from 100% industrial wool and gluing adhesive, FRACTAL transformable floor seating is available in three colors: Charcoal black, grey and white bone. The FRACTAL floor seat project was started in November 2012 in Montevideo, Uruguay and got completed in December, 2013. Fractal Floor Seat has also won the Bronze A’ Design Award in furniture, decorative items and homeware design category, 2013 – 2014.

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