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Trapez4Sun Shade Sails by C4Sun

Trapez4Sun smartphone-controlled shade sails protect from harsh sunrays

Shade Sails are used horizontally off the ground to protect individuals from sun’s brutal rays whether you’re sitting at outer areas of any residential or commercial building. But the problem with these shade sails is that these need to be manually drawn in or out, according to the weather conditions. To solve the problem, Hückeswagen-based company C4Sun has put smart controls into such conventional looking outdoor sails dubbed Trapez4Sun.

It seems like a regular shade sail but is installed with the TaHoma system from Somfy, the global market leader in home automation. This automatic system allows you to operate your smart shade sail system easily through remote control or smartphone app. Due to the mobile app, you can spread the shade or retract it from any corner of the building. Besides smartphone-control, it can automatically adjust surrounding light and wind settings, depending on the current weather conditions.

Each piece is handmade and can be tailored as per client’s specific requirements. Moreover, its convex dome structure forms perfect airy canopy that provides cool shade on hot summer days. It offers the best solution to protect individuals from harsh sunrays in different terrace or lawn settings of hotel, restaurant, residence, etc. These shade sails are available in various colors to highlight outdoor settings and can be ordered directly from its official website.

Trapez4Sun Shade Sails by C4Sun

The shade sail is installed with the TaHoma system from Somfy

Trapez4Sun Shade Sails by C4Sun

It comes with smartphone app to control its settings according to the weather conditions

Trapez4Sun Shade Sails by C4Sun

Each piece of the shade is handmade and tailored as per weather conditions

Trapez4Sun Shade Sails by C4Sun

It is a perfect shade for terrace or lawn settings of residential or commercial buildings

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