Tree Branch Bookshelf

Tree Branch Bookshelf Shows Off an Impeccable Branch Motif

Gone are the days when bookshelves were used in libraries and study rooms to hold a collection of books. Now, you can get a variety of designs and styles of bookshelves that keep your books in a place and also add a subtle décor to your room.  A couple of days ago, we discussed the Storystore Flex Shelf that could be customized by the user according to his own preferences. Today we are going to tell you about the Tree Branch Bookshelf not only performs its regular function of holding books and other objects but also adds a professionally decorated flair to an ordinary room making it exceptional.

The Tree Branch Bookshelf, as the name suggests appears like a branch of a tree giving a mod-chic appeal to the aesthetics of any room. This elegant design was created with hands by famous European designer Chad P. Hunt. By making use of his woodworking dexterity, Chad created this extravagant piece from poplar and pine wood, which was finished to give an American walnut appearance.

Measuring 7′ x 3.5’, the Tree Branch Bookshelf can be easily installed on the wall with the help of the instruction manual. You can either suspend it on the wall of your study room where it can offer enormous space to hold your encyclopedias or you can also show it off on the wall of your living room to display your decorative objects. 

You can buy the Tree Branch Bookshelf at Etsy for a cool price of $2,750.

Tree Branch Bookshelf

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