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Treehouse Point: A village of treehouses perfect for glamping

If you ever dreamt of celebrating your birthday or having a night out in a treehouse amidst green forest, then Treehouse Point located near Seattle, Washington is the right place. You can choose from a number of treehouses at the nature resort as an event place or overnight retreat for special occasions of your life. Nearly all treehouses are suspended above the ground, but some are also elevated against trees and some are even perched around trees. Spiral staircases and long ladders leads to their front doors and make you feel that you are walking toward the sky. These treehouses provides ideal accommodation to connect with nature or celebrate important functions amidst serene woods. Some of the featured treehouses at the nature resort are listed below with brief information.

Bonbibi Treehouse

This treehouse is built between two trees, and a spiral staircase leads you to the main entrance. A glass door ushers you into a small bedroom accommodating a standard size double bed in the middle of glazed windows. Wall-mounted lights brighten the space adequately, although two swiveling lights are installed by the bedside for comforting visitors.

Bonbibi Treehouse at Treehouse Point_2Bonbibi Treehouse at Treehouse PointBonbibi Treehouseat Treehouse Point_4Bonbibi Treehouseat Treehouse Point_3Bonbibi Treehouse at Treehouse Point_1

Burl Treehouse

Built against two symmetrical trees, the Burl treehouse is a two-storey dwelling, that can be accessed through a suspension bridge. It features a comfortable living area, bedroom alongside windows and a small balcony to enjoy mesmerizing natural beauty around. Battery-powered lighting are used to create bright enjoyable environment inside.

Burl Treehouse at Treehouse Point_7Burl Treehouse at Treehouse PointBurl Treehouse at Treehouse Point_5Burl Treehouse at Treehouse Point_4Burl Treehouse at Treehouse Point_3Burl Treehouse at Treehouse Point_6

Nest Treehouse

A wooden ladder leads to the small deck of the elevated treehouse with a lively living room featuring glazed windows for bringing the outdoors in. The small balcony in front of the living room offering full views of the surrounding nature. It offers enough privacy & calmness to enjoy the naturalistic location.

Nest Treehouse at Treehouse Point_1Nest Treehouse at Treehouse Point_3Nest Treehouse at Treehouse PointNest Treehouse at Treehouse Point_2

Temple of the Blue Moon

If, you really want to experience sight-seeing from a vantage point,  then this treehouse is perfect as it is built over an elevated platform that stands against two large trees. A flight of bridge connects the pathway to the Temple of the Blue Moon treehouse. Just like previous two tiny retreats, this treehouse has cozy furnishings for utmost in the living room. A number of windows and attractive lighting in the bedroom keeps the space airy and offers amazing views of the surrounding nature, despite sitting inside.

Temple of the Blue Moon at Treehouse Point_1Temple of the Blue Moon at Treehouse Point_6Temple of the Blue Moon at Treehouse Point_5Temple of the Blue Moon at Treehouse Point_2Temple of the Blue Moon at Treehouse Point_4Temple of the Blue Moon at Treehouse Point

Trillium Treehouse

This hanging treehouse features a number of windows to feel more spacious inside. An in-room staircase leads to the loft bedroom decked with hanging lights where you can fulfill your dream of stargazing.

Trillium TreeHouse at Treehouse PointTrillium TreeHouse at Treehouse Point_1Trillium TreeHouse at Treehouse Point_3Trillium TreeHouse at Treehouse Point_2

Upper Pond Treehouse

As the name suggests, the Upper Pond treehouse is built over two trees overlooking a clear water pond. Common amenities including loft bed, chairs and table are there to spend a night comfortably. Its wooden exteriors and stylish peaked roof gives it charm of a royal abode. Moreover, a small deck offers stunning views, while presence of lake makes the place more auspicious.

Upper Pond Treehouse at Treehouse Point_1Upper Pond Treehouse at Treehouse Point_3Upper Pond Treehouse at Treehouse Point_2Upper Pond Treehouse at Treehouse Point_4

Treehouse Point also has a large Pond Room and lodge to cope with additional space requirements for grand celebrations. Therapeutic massage, yoga classes and on-staff assistants are some highlighting features of these places. It is a great weekend escape from crowded cities to celebrate and regenerate your inner soul in a quiet place.

Treehouse Point bannerPond Room at Treehouse Point_6Pond Room at Treehouse PointPond Room at Treehouse Point_8 Pond Room at Treehouse Point_2Quiet event house at Treehouse PointLodge at Treehouse Point_1Lodge at Treehouse Point_2Lodge at Treehouse PointTreehouse Point massage & yogaTreehouse Point


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