Sun Bird Park Vail, Colorado

Tres Birds Workshop creates wooden nests for kids playground in Vail, Colorado

Sun Bird Park Vail, Colorado

With the intention to use architecture to strengthen the bond between humans and natural environment, Denver-based Tres Birds Workshop has designed a kids playground at the town of Vail, Colorado. Dubbed the Sun Bird Park, this is part kids playground/gym and part art installation, it includes three giant cocoon-like nests connected to each other with bridges and slides. The wooden bird-like nests at the Park are inspired by the bird habitat in the surrounding. Made from a variety of woods and treated with wax, tree resin and non-toxic mixture of oil, the ribs of these large nests mimic ski design.

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The wooden ribs are connected with stainless steel mesh fabric, which make the nests really cozy and comfortable. In addition to being interlinked with ropes and bridges the nests are also linked with a climbing wall (honoring Colorado’s favorite sport) which challenges kids during play. Interestingly, the Sun Bird Park is designed as equal access, so even kids with disabilities can be a part of all the fun.

Source: TresBirds Via: Contemporist/Inhabitat


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