Trew Turner Constructs Office Featuring a Rooftop Garden

Trew Turner, a UK-based construction firm has beautifully combined traditional craftsmanship with the finest materials and ideas to create a wonderful garden studio in Haringey, London. The project started with making adequate space for the small office showcasing simple blockwork on exteriors and Wayney edge Oak board interiors with a green rooftop garden. Half portion of this garden office is built below ground level which seems an interesting and innovative design feature.

The rooftop garden has big water requirements, so advanced drain system is used which routes harvested water to a tap over Belfast sink for reuse. Rainwater around the building goes to a double sump pump system through French drains to ensure further water-harvesting systems.

While coming to its design, bi-fold glass door at the front and two roof lights let in enough natural light to make it a spacious office offering a peaceful working environment. The wooden siding on all sides of the roof looks great and gives it a rustic touch. The featured rooftop garden not only brings benefits from nature but also keeps the room atmosphere chilly without using any modern technologies.

Roof garden of Green Studio is the space that will attract birds and make it a naturalistic office. Also, there are many social and economic benefits of a rooftop garden. it makes the building energy efficient, noise-resistant and most importantly, it is an eco-friendly aesthetic element for a building. The rooftop garden can be used for creating your own professional environment and using it as a home office, entertainment zone, playroom or a relaxing room.

A rooftop garden in a office

A rooftop garden in a small office

Making space for the underground structure

Making space for the underground structure

Blockwork in exteriors

Blockwork in exteriors

Making the roof garden

Making the roof garden

A great aesthetic element in a construction

It is a great aesthetic element in building

Bi-fold glass door and two roof lights offers a brighter space inside

Bi-fold glass door and two roof lights offer a brighter space

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