Triangle Tree's edible spoons

Triangle Tree intros their edible spoons in three flavors

Triangle Tree's edible spoons

Cleaning your cutlery has to be one of those lousy, time taking endeavors after having a great dinner party. Well, what if we told you that rather than cleaning you can actually eat your cutlery spoons? No; we are not kidding, because that is exactly what is possible with Triangle Tree‘s edible spoons. According to the company, these organic edible spoons are completely bio-degradable, being made from composite of familiar food stuff like corn and whole-wheat flour. In this regard, they are also available in three flavors – Plain, Spicy and Sweet. So, not only are they healthy for your body, but the spoons also add a dash of culinary excitement around the table (even when the broccoli is being served). Of course, the best part comes after your meal is done and the guests are gone; and there is no need to painstakingly clean your cutlery!

Via: DesignTaxi/Gizmodo

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