Triby connected fridge magnet

Triby is connected fridge-magnet that doubles as a speaker

What comes to your mind when you thing of connected devices? Probably smart thermostats, IOT hubs and smart refrigerators, but no one ever relates the smart technology with a fridge magnet. But Invoxia wants to make fridge magnets smart with internet-connected Triby smart magnet.

It is designed to bring a digital touch to your existing refrigerators in a very minimal but effective way. You can sync it with your smartphone via Bluetooth or companion app to handle various activities like texting, making free internet calls, etc. in kitchen when your hands are damped. It also displays messages from your friends on a small screen.

Moreover, it also doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite tunes while preparing your meal. This means you easily contact your significant other to remind something urgent or to pick anything you forgot, even if your hands are all messed up with oil or dough. The smart magnet also boasts a 2.9-inch E Ink display that can be doodled on once synced to iOS and Android device.

It comes with a battery life of about a month or can be rechargeable via micro-USB. It is indeed a fun accessory for your kitchen. You can purchase it online for $199 and make your kitchen an interesting space of your house.

Triby connected fridge magnet

Triby also doubles up as a speaker

Via: RedFerret

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