Trim Down Your Tummy with Nagara Walk Workout Chair

Want flat tummy but don’t want to use complex fitness equipment? The Nagara Walk Workout Chair is an ideal fitness equipment that can help you trim down your tummy, drop weight and get the desired body shape. It is a small stool-like seating furniture on which you have to sit and then move in any direction, applying pressure on different parts of your body. A session of three minutes every day can bring good results for you in a few weeks.

Made by experts from the Japanese gym chain Tokyu Sports Oasis, this one-of-a-kind chair lets you exercise while you do other activities, such as looking at your phone or watching TV. This 27 x 44 x 21cm workout chair comes in pink color and weighs just 7.3 lbs. It comprises of a tough spring that supports the cushioned seat. Holding the metal stand, one has to move waist, abdominal or pelvis area in a pattern (to and fro or front and back) to get them in an attractive shape as desired by fitness conscious people these days. Its stand is designed to be used as a grip for hands while exercising.

The Nagara Walk Workout Chair simple to use, just hold the stand and move randomly or front to back, applying pressure on abdominal, waist, arms, and thighs. Try your own moving pattern to reduce the unwanted body fat.

The cushioned seat of the workout chair creates a healthy posture that helps burning calories and getting the desired body shape. It is convenient and easy-to-use, making it a great waist slimmer than any other discomforting exercise equipment. This workout chair can be purchased for $174 from the Japan Trend Shop.

_1Trim your waist size with Nagara Walk Workout Chair

Image: Japan Trend Shop

Nagara Walk Workout Chair

Image: Japan Trend Shop

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