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Triple-amputee soldier gets technology laden smart home to lead a normal life

While being on the battlefield, a soldier always hopes that the inevitable never happen,s and pushes forward with the heart of gold, but sometimes bad luck does strike and it is the most disastrous thing to long for. Marine Cpl. Juan Dominguez, had an encounter with fate while he was on an assignment in Afghanistan on October 23,2010 as he stepped on a buried bomb after slipping down a levee, and sadly lost both his legs and right arm. But as they say when it’s not your time to go, god will take you through the roughest phase in your life and that is exactly what Juan went through. He had to go through a number of surgeries and enduring physical therapy to get back on track and spend the rest of his life with pride as he one of the few who have managed to survive such a disaster.

To honor Juan’s sacrifice for his country the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation Gary Sinise Foundation have donated him a smart home on the event of 9/11’s remembrance. Juan, his wife Alexis and 9-year-old daughter Victoria will live in this technology assisted home situated in Reserve at Paseo del Sol community in Temecula, California with the hope that he can have an independent lifestyle. The home will feature kitchen cabinets and shelves that lower for easy access to items and also elevators & doors that open automatically via an electronic-sensor system controlled by iPad. The $600,000 smart home is funded by a $450,000 donation by Ned Wallace (president of Wallace Air Cargo Group Inc.) and the rest of the money was raised from benefit concert starring Sinise and other fundraisers.

Via: CNN

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