Tron Rectangular tray from Imagilights is a perfect accessory for a pool party

Tron Rectangular tray

The gorgeous cocktail tray displayed in the picture above is designed by Imagilights and is called as Tron. This rectangular serving tray catches the attention of your guests with its integrated LED lights that change color. The material used to make this rectangular tray is an Injection Molded Polyethylene and has a total of 56 wireless LEDs integrated inside it. These LEDs are powered by a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery with a battery life of 50,000+ hours and consume only 3.36W of energy.

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The Tron tray measures 22.3″L x 14″W x 1.9″H and can be operated by an infrared remote control. With this remote control you can set a particular color of the tray. The various color modes include 160000 colors mix mode, 2 candle modes, and 4 brightness modes. This simple tray includes celestial color choices. So, if you want to throw a pool party at your home, then you can buy the illuminating Tron tray from here for a cool $235 and leave your guests in state of astonishment.

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