Casa-Bruno-Tropical-styled Islander fan

Tropical-styled Islander fan brings exotic atmosphere to your home

Casa Bruno has created tropical-styled ceiling fan called Islander to bring natural breeze of tropical areas into your living space. Tropically-inspired fan consists of a set of five blades that are available in various materials like palm, bamboo and all-weather blade options.

The blades are designed in shape of petals, making the fan appear like a huge flower hanging from a ceiling. Natural elegance and versatility of tropical region are reflected through its design. You will sense gentle sea breeze through the fan, which will make you feel you’re living in precious oasis.

Although Islander functions like any conventional ceiling fan, but this one is integrated with noise reduction technology. So, one doesn’t have to hear the annoying sound of the appliance when it’s running.

It has got three forward and three reverse speed options that can be controlled via wall attachment or remote control. The remote control allows the user to change settings of the ceiling fan from any corner of a room. Besides being a practical home appliance, this fancy ceiling fan also doubles up as a decorative accessory to spruce up your home interior.

For more information about the ceiling fan and purchasing queries, you may visit the Casa Bruno’s official website.

Casa-Bruno-Tropical-styled Islander fan

The tropically-inspired fan doubles up as a decorative accessory

Via: Infurma

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