Optimus Prime birthday cake

Truck-shaped cake morphs into Optimus Prime robot

Transformers fanatics may have seen, as well as crafted all different types of related objects over the years. But none of them would have ever thought of a transforming Optimus Prime birthday cake.

Yes, you read that right! YouTuber Russell Munro with his wife has created this unusual transforming treat for their son, who wanted a Transformers-themed cake for his sixth birthday. At first glance it appears like a normal truck-shaped cake, but the fun begins when it actually transforms itself into Optimus Prime robot.

Not only it morphs into a robot, but it also speak few classic quotes, which is simply mind blowing. With the help of 3D printing technology, Munro has created this unbelievable robotic cake design. The basic frame of the cake consists of five major components such as two arms, chest, thighs and lower legs. Thighs and chest are moveable, but lower legs remain still to support the robot. Its arms bulge out when the robot stands and ready to attack.

The real cake lies in disguise in its robotic framework. Munro’s designer skills as well as his wife’s creative bakery art have made this complicated design possible. This sweet treat would be any Transformers fan’s dream birthday cake, but only this lucky boy got one-of-a-kind robotic cake that’s making most of us envy.

You may check out the astonishing reactions of their friends at the party, after watching how this cake actually transforms. Do share your views on this amazing cake design, after the jump.


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