Trunk Bar: A heavy mix of cocktail & color for a fun outdoor party

There is nothing like a fun weekend party indoors where you can invite all your friends and have a great time. If you love a bit of champagne and some heavy mix of cocktails at the party, then most often your indoor make-shift bar will serve you well. But what if you wanted to move it up to that amazing new sun terrace or even the wonderful patio area right next to the pool? Getting everything right outdoors is often far more difficult and a stationary bar at one of the corners or even having to walk in each time to get a drink can be pretty boring. This is exactly where the Trunk Bar comes in.

Designed by Pinel & Pinel Botique, the Trunk Bar allows you to carry all your drinks and everything else you need in one stylish mobile trunk. The interiors of this custom-built trunk are indeed magnificent and available in over 51 colors and even any other shade that you wish to custom order from this Paris design giant. The Trunk Bar indeed captures everything that one would associate with the city that it has come from ‘Style, sophistication, complete comfort and the very best in terms of sheer looks’.

The audacity and the boldness of the design will win you over and the giant bowl on top that holds 6 bottles or 3 magnums of champagne is truly its crowning glory. Also coming along is an ice bucket, leather coasters and various select accessories that you can pick and chose. The one large oak drawer, two others for bottles, a couple for glasses and a towel holder complete the trunk. From the basics to the accessories, this one has everything you need to light up your evening and last all the way into late night.

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