Bibb lettuce salad with grilled peaches and prosciutto

Try some healthy Bibb lettuce salad with grilled peaches and prosciutto

On of the most difficult tasks for a mother is to make kids eat green vegetables. Either we hide them in sandwiches or in there tiffin, but little geniuses know how to avoid them. So, to help every mother dealing with the situation, we have come up with this easy to make green leafy salad that will not only be loved by your children, but can also be used as a light main-course salad.

Bibb lettuce salad with grilled peaches and prosciutto is a healthy and easy to prepare recipe. It includes many green vegetables and fruits, which turn simple salad into a power food that will be relished by  your family and guests.


So, let us start with the ingredients required for making the mouth-watering salad:

Four thin slices of prosciutto, about 45 g

2 peaches, peeled, quartered and pitted

2-tablespoon + 2-teaspoon olive oil

Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper

1-tablespoon white balsamic vinegar

1-teaspoon Dijon mustard

6 cups of Bibb lettuce torn into pieces

90 g chèvre, at room temperature (about 1/4 cup)

After collecting all the ingredients, follow the steps given below to prepare delicious salad:

The first step is to preheat oven to 190-degree Celsius, then arrange prosciutto in single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake the tray until prosciutto gets crispy. It will take approximately 15 minutes. Now let the prosciutto cool, so as to tear them into bite-sized pieces.

Now prepare medium-hot fire in a grill, brush few peaches with olive oil and season them with salt and pepper. Heat and grill the peaches until all pieces are nicely grilled. Make sure that the peaches still hold their shape. After that, slice these peaches into little pieces (four wedges).

Once all heating and grilling is done, it is time for dressing. For dressing, mix vinegar and mustard in large bowl with remaining olive oil and add salt and pepper according to your taste. Now add lettuce and toss to  completely mix all ingredients, season it again with salt and pepper and transfer into a shallow dish. Garnish it with crispy prosciutto, grilled peaches and chevre.

The delicious salad will serve four people easily and if planning to serve it in winter you can substitute the salad with persimmons, pears and apples.  While tossing make sure you are using wither on your hands, as lettuce and bibb when tossed roughly, bruise the leaves.

So try this delicious and healthy salad as evening dish. Do share your reviews on the recipe, especially when enjoyed by kids at home.


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