snaprays guidelight by snap power

Turn any power outlet into a night light with SnapRay Guidelights

snaprays guidelight by snap power

Installing guide lights in your home is quite essential, especially if you have kids around. These illuminate your path up the hallway or down the staircase avoiding any accidents in the dark. But, putting them up in place is not an easy, it involves bulky plugin solutions and requires professional help, thus turning out to be an expensive installation. As a solution, Snap Power brings the SnapRays, which is energy efficient, child safe and can be installed within seconds.

SnapRays Guidelights designed by Snap Power are an easy install outlet cover with built-in LEDs that transforms a standard power outlet into ambient night light without the need of wiring or batteries. These lights appear like a standard outlet cover and can be easily installed by replacing the outlet cover with them. The power extractors integrated on the backside of the SnapRays channel through the outlet and extract electricity to power the LEDs, eliminating the use of wiring and batteries. According to the makers, LEDs will last for a duration of 25 years and the installation will take only  a few seconds.

Along with the LEDs, the  SnapRays also feature a built-in light sensor that turns on the LEDs in the dark and off in the light. This way, unnecessary power usage is also avoided and therefore enough amount of energy is saved. The company  claims that their product uses only 5 mA of electricity and costs below 5 cents in a year. The sleek and low profile design of the SnapRays Guidelights blends with its surroundings adding to the numerous advantages of these night lights. These are simply attached to the wall as outlet covers from where it draws energy, while the outlets remain open and available for use at all times.

Measuring 7.3 cm x 12.5 cm x 6mm, the SnapRays Guidelights are compatible with standard outlets that have exposed screw terminals and operates at 100-120 volts. These are available in white, light almond or ivory color and comes in two styles – Duplex with two holes to fit on a duplex outlet and Decor with a single rectangular hole to fit over a standard décor outlet. This project has been taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for mass production. Their target of US$12,000 has been surpassed with the generous funding of $$369,195 (at the time of writing). On pledge $12 you can get a Guidelight unit, while a pack of three units is offered on a pledge of $36.

Check out the teaser below for more information:
Via: Gizmag

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